College Ward Residents Association

Local People Dealing with Local Issues

The objectives of the Association

The Association shall be and act as a non-political democratic body having the following objectives and aims:

  • To safeguard and promote the local interests of all Residents within College Ward.
  • To safeguard and improve the amenities of the Borough as a whole.
  • To encourage the economy and efficiency in the Borough and County administration and to oppose Borough or County Council extravagance or maladministration.
  • To make known generally the views of the Association upon matters of policy in connection with local government and upon other matters of public interest in the Borough.
  • To select and support candidates for certain elections, in accordance with rule 10.
  • Where possible and appropriate, to advise, assist and give information to any Member of the Association who seeks advice regarding any problem arising by reason of residence within the Ward.
  • To be active in any way which in the opinion of the Committee will promote the financial or other interests of the Association or will be to its benefit.

How do I become a member?

It’s easy to join – no forms to fill in! Just contact your local road representative, email us at or click on our Join Us page for more details.

Membership is voluntary and costs just £3 per household per year. The subscription helps CWRA to operate effectively and sponsor your Residents’ Association candidates at borough and county council elections and lots more…..

What can I do as a member?

We are always pleased to recruit members to act as road representatives. They are the eyes and ears for their fellow residents in identifying what problems or issues are concerning, or affecting, people. Road representatives deliver our quarterly magazine, collect annual subscriptions from members in their area and, if they wish to, attend and vote at committee meetings.

We also need people who are committed to working for the benefit of all residents as officers of the General Committee. Some have even been elected as local Residents’ Association Councillors!

If you can help by being an active Road Rep or Why not be a College Ward RA Councillor……..

Please email