Committee Profiles

Local People Dealing with Local Issues

The committee of the College Residents’ Association 2022-2023 is as follows:


Martin Owen

I have lived in College Ward for 25 years and my two sons have been schooled here. I am a chartered accountant by training, but worked as a head of internal audit in banking, construction and property. I am now retired.

We are lucky to live in such a great ward in a special borough, so my focus is on preserving the best bits but appreciating that our borough will need to accommodate our growing population and keep pace with changing needs. Our big future challenge will be retrofitting our homes for the energy transition ahead.

I have an interest in planning matters, as well as maintaining our green spaces. I’m an Epsom Common volunteer so am frequently cutting down scrub or making charcoal. My wife and I have had a Bridle Road allotment for many years, though our efforts should be considerably better.


Vidya Rajeev

I’ve been an Epsom resident for over 15 years. Having a keen interest in local affairs , I’ve been an active member of the CWRA over the last few years. I have previously worked in technology and management and continue to develop my skills in ever changing world of technology. I live with my husband and two children and enjoy exploring the green spaces Epsom has to offer.


Ruth Sharma

“I love Epsom with so many green spaces and would like to see more individual shops”

Mother to 2 adult daughters. Recently retired; taught up to A level Maths at Wilson’s School and still coach Maths on a one -to-one basis. I have been an Epsom & Ewell resident for over 38 years; College Ward Road Rep for many years; I’ve always been an active CWRA member, particularly with development issues around ‘my patch’. Cook once a month for 60 older people at a mid- week lunch club run by the church I attend.

Committee Member

Ron Vaz

I have lived in the Borough for over 34 years. My wife and I have been a part of College Ward for 22 years and have 2 daughters. I’ve always been interested in helping good local causes such Sunnybank Trust. What better organisation to be involved with than CWRA which can so positively impact the people and the environment around us? I have seen and met so many supporters who work tirelessly to keep Epsom among the best places in the UK to live in and I felt that it was my responsibility to do my bit for our town and surrounding areas.

Committee Member

Colin Bird

We came to live in Epsom in 1970 when we got married; and we moved to our present house in Burghfield in 1977. I joined the CWRA Committee in 1995 on retirement from the City, and during this time I have had 2 long spells as Chairman. I subscribe fully to CWRA’s objective to act as a democratic non-political body whose general aim is to safeguard and promote the local interests of all residents of College Ward whilst at the same time safeguarding and improving the amenities of the Borough as a whole.

Committee Members

Philippa Hutter

Tim Humphries

Nifa Vaz