Councillor Update

31st December 19

My activity update to 31 December as College Wards’ Residents Association Councillor by Cllr. Nigel Collin

On 2 December the RA group held its monthly meeting and discussed matters relating to the forthcoming local plan and how best to inform and engage residents with the consultation.

On 9 December the local committee held its meeting at Bourne Hall and the need to plant further trees was discussed at length. The difficulty of finding suitable sites was reiterated by the SCC Highways Officer and as a result only 10 suitable sites have been identified for planting more trees in the Borough. The Officer advised that there were far more requests to remove existing trees than to plant new ones in the Borough.

My surgery on 14 December was well attended with residents’ concerns focusing on parking and road safety in Alexandra Road among other matters.

The deferred full Council meeting was held on 18 December and CWRA’s petition was debated after the CWRA Chairman’s introductory speech. The debate was extensive and several Councillors spoke about the need for engagement and communication with residents. This was the first petition of this nature to be heard since the process was introduced several years ago and was well received by all the Councillors who resolved to improve communication and engagement among residents. A senior Councillor sought me out, after the debate and commented on the excellent opening speech made by Tim Humphries, CWRA’s chair.  I would urge all residents to participate in the consultation when this is published in the spring of 2020.

The planning committee met on 19 December and I sat out on the Ashley Road development having objected to this application on behalf of CWRA prior to becoming a Councillor. The application was approved subject to some minor amendments.

The Consultation re Epsom General Hospital (EGH) is awaited and again I urge all residents to respond to this.

Surrey radio interviewed both Chris Grayling and Barry Nash (RA’s Chair of Community and Wellbeing)at 7.40am on 19 December. Chris Grayling gave a very robust response in favour of building on EGH ‘s site including advising that this would be £150m cheaper than a new build at Sutton.

On 18 December, the Improving Healthcare Together body announced that the three CCG’s; Surrey Downs, Merton and Sutton were holding a meeting on 6 January from 11 am to 1pm at Bourne Hall to examine all the options in relation to EGH, Sutton and St Helier.  Despite the short notice, this is such an important meeting that I would urge as many of you as possible to attend and make your views known. Attendance requires registration and the email to do so is;

Finally  I hope you all had a very happy and joyful Christmas and look forward to a memorable 2020.

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