Councillor Update

May 2022

My activity update for May 2022 as College Ward’s Residents Association Councillor by Cllr. Nigel Collin

On 3 May the RA group’s monthly Chair and Vice Chairs meeting was held in the evening. Apart from receiving the detailed reports from the Chairs, Members discussed the draft risk management strategy and felt this needed to be revised significantly before further consideration.

On 4 May CWRA held its monthly committee meeting and welcomed Martin Owen as its new chair. Reports from Cllr McCormick and myself were considered and the committee discussed the ongoing statutory nuisance at the chalk pit and the delay in action taken to mitigate this. It was understood that action would be taken very soon by EEBC in respect of the rim’s nuisance. Plans for the party in Alexandra park on 26 June were discussed. The committee agreed to hold next year’s AGM at the Racecourse venue on either 8 or 15 March. I informed the Committee that I had stepped down as a member of the Local Committee and the Council’s representative on the Citizens Advice Bureau for the current year.

The Twinning Committee met on 9 May and agreed the final details for the visit by the French delegation on 4-5 June. The commemorative oak tree would be planted in Rosebery Park prior to the visit and the plaque would be inserted on 5 June with the mayor in attendance.

On 11 May, the Audit and Scrutiny Chair and I met with officers to review the draft risk management strategy which had been referred for scrutiny by S&R. Several amendments to the draft were proposed and a revised draft would be prepared for consideration.

On 14 May, I held my monthly surgery which was again sparsely attended.

On 16 May the Council held its Annual meeting, unusually in Bourne Hall, due to the large number of attendees.

A minute’s silence was held for Clive Smitheram and several Cllrs paid tribute to his contribution to the him.

Clive Woodbridge was elected as the mayor for the current year and Robert Geleit was elected as the Deputy Mayor. Members approved the constitution, the composition of committees and external bodies and the calendar of meetings for 2022-23.

On 19 May, together with several Cllr colleagues, I attended the Thanksgiving serviced for the life of Clive Smitheram. Given the long-dedicated service which Clive gave the community, it was no surprise that the church was full with standing room only for latecomers. The service was broadcast on zoom with many viewers in Cornwall and one in New Zealand; Clive will be missed by many.

On 25 May the Chair and I attended the Audit & Scrutiny Call over meeting to review and discuss the papers to be presented to the committee on 14 June. Papers discussed included the annual internal report and opinion and the annual report on the use of delegated powers.

On 30 May a mandatory planning training meeting was held to ensure all planning committee members were au fait with the procedures and decision making protocols.

My case work this month has revolved around planning enforcement, the  chalk pit nuisance and finalizing arrangements for the Delegation from the French Twinning Association coming to Epsom over the Derby weekend.

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