Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What will I be voting for? Local councillors to represent you on the borough council.

Q. Can I vote? Yes, if you’re registered to vote and aged 18 or over on polling day. Poll cards are sent to all registered voters before the election confirming their method of voting for this election.

Q. How do I register to vote? If you are not already registered, you can register online (it takes around 5 minutes) or by filling-in a paper form. You will need your national insurance number. For more details see

Q. How do I vote? By one of the following options:

  1. In person – on Election Day at your local polling station. Details will be on our poll card, sent out around 4 weeks in advance.
  2. By post – anyone can apply for a postal vote; no reason needs to be given and you can apply to vote by post for a particular election, for a set period of time, or for all future elections.
  3. By proxy (getting someone to vote on your behalf) – you can only apply for a proxy vote under certain circumstances, including being away on Election Day, having a medical issue or a disability, or not being able to vote in person because of work or military service. You’ll need to give the reason.