My First Week

10th May 2019

My first week as College Wards’ Residents Association Councillor by Cllr. Nigel Collin

What an amazing and exciting week! After the tense count result, there was no time to recover and relax. I was humbled by the plethora of congratulatory comments received and I resolved to respond to everyone.

At the count, we all received a pack of forms to complete before Tuesday along with detailed papers on the following policies, Data Protection, Information Assurance and ICT security and Acceptable Use.

Tuesday was inauguration day and I was formally sworn in as your Councillor. The morning was taken up with presentations by the chief executive, the mayor elect, the Chief Financial Officer and lastly the Head of Legal services. All presentations were of a very high standard and emphasised the responsibilities of being a Councillor which are to all of the borough’s residents and not just to the residents of the ward in which you were elected.

Thursday morning was IT induction and I now have an I PAD and links to all Council officers plus a code for using the most complex photocopiers I have ever seen.

In the afternoon, operational services had set out a splendid display of all the services managed by the Council. I was amazed to learn of the gum collection boxes, shortly to be introduced. The gum, after collection is then recycled into more such boxes. I suggested that the Council ought to consider a similar event so that residents can learn what he Council is doing on their behalf.

My email address is and I will endeavour to respond to any email within 24 hours of its receipt.