My Fortnight

My Fortnight as College Wards’ Residents Association Councillor by Cllr. Nigel Collin

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25th May 2019

The two weeks leading up to the bank holiday weekend have been both challenging and hectic. As of 13 May, I am now a member of the following committees;

Committees: Strategy and Resources, Planning, Audit, Crime and disorder and Scrutiny.

Panels: Financial policy, Health liaison.

Joint committees and outside bodies: Epsom and Ewell twinning, Epsom and Ewell Local committee

Finally, I have put my name forward as a Borough councilor with SCC for Health and Wellbeing – I will not know the outcome until June.

I know this is a rich diet, but I felt it was appropriate to join these bodies to enable me to support the ward’s residents properly.

Several training sessions have been attended with more planned.

On 14 May, I attended the liaison meeting for the twinning of Epsom and Chantilly. This arrangement was borne out of a common horse

racing background. A number of events are under consideration to give this link higher visibility for the benefit of the Borough’s residents; my soundings have indicated that the connection is not well known.

Chantilly is twinned with a town in Switzerland and another in Germany and Epsom has been invited to join up with these towns as well. This proposal will be considered further at the AGM to be held at 7.30 on 11 June in the Town Hall and all are welcome to attend.

On 15 May a full day induction meeting was held at the Town Hall where several policies were outlined alongside case studies. A stimulating and challenging program.

On 20 May, I toured Alexandra Park with the Chair of the Friends of the Park who work extremely hard to maintain this fabulous facility extending far beyond the polling station’s confines. More volunteers to become Friends are very welcome.

On 21 May I entered the Council chamber, duly robed for the mayor’s inauguration which was a memorable experience. The ceremony is open to the public and is worth attending for the pomp and ceremony displayed.

On 22 May I attended the stakeholder reference group meeting. This group feeds into the planning for the future of our hospital in Epsom. The three doctors present outlined the proposed clinical model and indicated their preference for a new hospital to deal with acute services. No decisions have been taken yet and the public consultation is now expected to take place sometime this Autumn rather than in June as originally suggested. Any consultation is dependent on the availability of finance and this will not be known until after the

Government’s spending review, to be presented alongside the Autumn budget. It follows that if financing is not forthcoming, no consultation will take place.

Finally, my case work is building as expected but I will never be too busy to attend to reside to attend to residents’ issues.