Update of Council Meeting

The Council meeting on Wednesday, 18th evening had the subject of our petition as its main item and was responded to very positively by the Councillors who contributed to the debate.

It showed that the Councillors generally agreed with our main point that an open discussion is essential for producing a successful plan to keep the government and us, the residents of the Borough, content with the outcome. It was not the occasion to form a plan in detail but possibly as a response to the petition, on the 14th of November, they came up with 6 principles to guide their thoughts in forming a detailed plan. They include the need for a look and feel of new developments to fit in with the style of building already present in the borough, distributing the new buildings in appropriate areas of the Borough and having regard for climate change considerations.

The debate also touched on “Affordable Housing” which is a vital part of a successful plan and infrastructure. The strong impression by the end of the debate was that our Councillors are fully engaged in this very difficult subject and although we will notice the changes over the next decade and a half, so will every other Borough in the country and with public consultation the result will be as good as it can be. They also said that when the next consultation document is produced, it will be vital for a large number of residents to get involved, firstly to get feedback which represents the feelings of the majority of residents and also to show the Government the feelings of the local population should there be a possibility of appealing the target to reduce the number of dwellings required. When the time comes you can be sure that the CWRA will do whatever it can to guide and inform our residents in this process.