Update to 31st July

31st July 2019

My activity update to 31 July as College Wards’ Residents Association Councillor by Cllr. Nigel Collin

I was on holiday in Turkey for the first two weeks of July so this update covers the month’s activity.

At the full Council meeting on 23 July two important cross-party motions were carried.

The first relates to a climate change emergency requiring the Council to prepare an action plan to reduce the Borough’s carbon footprint. The plan will be reviewed annually to monitor progress. I wanted to introduce stronger air pollution monitoring but was halted part way through my speech since the mayor advised that I was making a statement; my point was however noted. Air pollution is a serious threat to health, for example, in London air pollution is killing more folk than smoking induced cancer. On a personal note, my wife is an asthmatic and while on holiday did not need to use her inhaler once, back in Epsom she needed to use it immediately!

The second motion related to preventing the use of schools for polling stations during term time. This motion will be welcomed by many parents, especially those whose children attend the schools at Wallace Fields.

The planning committee met on 25 July and the following applications were approved;

1.Woodland Trust memorial and paths at Langley Vale,

2. Mill Road variation, planning changes for 31 units,

3. Development site, garages – Ormonde   Avenue.


  •  Langley Bottom Farm, application to remove S106 restriction.

The South Hatch stables planning application has now been scheduled to be heard early in September, a date has not yet been announced.

 On 29 July, I met with Cllr Mountain (The Surrey County Councillor responsible for highways in our ward) to discuss several parking concerns raised by residents. The meeting was very constructive and proposals for change will be considered at the Local Committee’s meeting in September.

On 30 July, the Strategy and Resources Committee met and among other business conducted approved the audited accounts for the 2018/19 year end. The accounts were unqualified and showed a small surplus over budget.

Prior to the meeting, Council Officers advised that savings of £2m had to be made over the next four years in order to maintain current service levels.

At this meeting I was appointed to the CIL panel. This panel allocates the community infrastructure levy funds, paid to the Council by developers, to the bids which have been put forward. There are more bids than funds available so difficult decisions have to be taken every year.

Case work has involved mainly parking matters. One interesting issue arose in respect of a strong floodlight which was on all night, causing a neighbour to be kept awake.

Finally, Kathryn Beldon, EEBC’s executive has accepted CWRA’s invitation to tour the ward on 1 August and I am looking forward to showing her our ward’s many diverse aspects.